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One of my favorite TV Shows, Modern Family, had an episode called "The Family Portrait". I don't think I have ever laughed so hard.

If just the words FAMILY PORTRAIT makes your stomach turn and brings on an instant migrane, you are not alone.

As much as I LOVE creating and displaying family portraits, the thought of shopping for clothes, getting everyone showered, dressed, and happy is so overwhelming to me.

The scene is almost the same for every family I meet. Mom arrives anxious and already dishing out threats, bribes and promises for more toys, candy and priveleges than any kid could possibly consume in a lifetime. The kids are either in tears or running wild because they were just promised the world, and dad is on his phone quietly being supportive by not expressing his true opinion, praying that this madness is almost over.

Ahhhh... but it doesn't have to be this way! Gone are the days of white shirts and jeans matchy-matchy portraits with everyone posing perfectly for the camera.... not a hair out of place.

Welcome to lifestyle photography. This is a relaxed glimpse into your family's dynamic personalities. It might involve a tickle fest, a dog pile, a game of football, a trip to the movie theater or lake, a hike up the mountain, or even just an afternoon in the park.

We want to capture relationships. Moments. We want you to be you and to ENJOY this process!

Here's a few tips for a less stressful (sorry... can't promise stress-free) family portrait session:

Don't stress about the location. YOU are the subject and should shine in the pictures. The where should just complement that. We will work together with you to find a location that fits your family's personality.

Choose 3-4 colors. And then let everyone choose 2-3 of those colors to wear. You will all be blended and coordinated, but not look matchy-matchy. Each individual in your family will be able to choose a style and look that fits their personality while still being a part of the whole.

If you are going to hang a large family portrait in your home, look at the colors in the room you will be hanging the portrait. Choose colors from the room to make your portrait look and feel like a piece of art that was designed to fit the room.

Between 2-6pm is usually the hardest time for kids under 6. Whether or not they take naps, it is just a grumpy time of day. Young kids (and parents) just do better early in the morning. Set an alarm, get up early before the kids and make it the first activity of the day.

And finally, come ready to play and have fun. You'll be getting down on the ground with your kids, sitting on boulders and rocks, and walking in grass, weeds, and dirt. We'll work with your kids to make sure everyone is having fun. Your kids take their cues from you... so if you are stressed, tired, or "done", expect that they will feel the same way too!

So no more excuses... don't let another year go by without having a family portrait!

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